Purpose and Vision

Purpose and Vision

The oldest of four to a single mother in Preston Taylor projects. Heartbeat of one's Destiny /H.O.O.D. is not just a catchy acronym. My purpose and vision can be traced back to the first five years of my life. Having teenage parents who each lost a parent before the age of 21. These (Gun violence)deaths sent my family on both sides into a tail spin. Means of survival shaped my development which brings me to Heartbeat of one's Destiny/H.O.O.D. Several members of my family as well as my mother were looked out for by elders in the community. These actions by our neighbors gives me the courage to walk in pride this day born in " the concrete jungle". This is more than what I'm doing! It's who I am! My journey is allowing me to see life from so many different perspectives. All due to decisions made by a wounded yet blessed individual. Having experienced hardships gives me insight on how to be there for someone else. Saying you want to help has to be backed by comprehensive intentional actions. #PROCESS @H.O.O.D.LOVE1972
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Anton. This message is so heart felt I love ya cousin


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